Revolt Brand - T-shirts and accessories with japanese writing
"Daijoubu as fuck" - Women's otaku t-shirt
"Daijoubu as fuck" - Women's otaku t-shirt
"Daijoubu as fuck" - Women's otaku t-shirt

"Daijoubu as fuck" - Women's otaku t-shirt

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A fancy women’s short-sleeved shirt with a humorous Japanese inscription which says “Daijoubu as fuck” (だいじょぶ as fuck). “Daijoubu” (だいじょぶ) is an informal Japanese word corresponding to English “OK” or “All right”. The t-shirt is available in white colour and the writing is black, which is legible and looks really elegant.  It’ll certainly match your jeans and trainers. This kind of women’s t-shirt is a perfect idea of an imaginative gift for a Japanese enthusiast or an otaku. The outfit with “Daijoubu as fuck” writing will help you show your interest in the far east culture and for sure will attract your mates’ attention making them laugh.

Since the t-shirt is produced in five sizes, you can pick the best fit for you: a tight one, which looks extremely tempting, or a loose one, which is more comfortable.  The t-shirt is made from pure cotton. Thanks to this fact, it doesn’t shrink nor stretches after washing and the colour remains as it should be for very long time.


If you’re an anime lover, why don’t you buy one of the otaku t-shirts?  Your wardrobe contains lots of different t-shirts, so let them be really fancy and eye-catching.

Product description

Model is wearing T-shirt in size S. Maximum print size is 30cm (width) x 40 cm (height) 
Producer: KEYA (optional Sol's)
Color: white
Grammage: 190 G/m2

Orders are made on the T-shirt of very good quality, on thick and durable material:
  • the composition: 100% cotton,
  • ribbed cuffs with a touch of Lycra, no effect of the extended collar
  • double finish seams
  • no side seams
  • T-shirts do not shrink in the wash, stretch and do not change their color
Prints are made ​​in DTG technology. To enjoy the print longer, you should wash in hands and  iron on the left side. Do not bleach, do not cook, do not burn, do not dig, do not thrown into a barrel of acid ... wear with pride.
Rozmiarówka - "Daijoubu as fuck" - Women's otaku t-shirt

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